Expertise Certificate Programs

  1. Oil & Gas
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Petroleum Geology for Non Geologist
    • Geostatistics and Reservoirs Modelling
    • Carbonate Reservoirs and Seismic Characterization
    • Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry
    • Drilling Fluids in the Oil Industry
    • Well Logging Quality Control
    • Applied Reservoir Engineering Workshop
    • Petroleum Systems Modelling
    • The Petrochemicals Industry
    • Petroleum Refinery Processing
    • Natural Gas Processing
  2. Accounting & Finance
    • Accounting & Financial Analysis for Decision Makers
    • Financial Management and Analysing Balance Sheets
    • Finance for Non-Financial Officers
    • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
    • Cost Accounting and Analysis
    • Cost Management & Budgeting Techniques
    • Feasibility and financial risk analysis for investment projects
    • Financial System Monitoring and Performance Evaluation
    • Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
    • Insurance Principles
    • Managing Financial Risks
    • International Accounting Standards (IAS)
    • Cash Flow Management
  3. Business Management
    • Basics Of Management
    • The Basis of  Process  Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Compensation And Performance Management
    •  Time and Meeting Management
    • Financial Management
    • Fundamentals Of Strategic Management
    • Case Studies (Senior Interviews with managers, General Cases
    • Improvement Methods for  Employee Motivation and Productivity
    • Brain Storming: Reach a Solution With Brain Storming
    • Public Relations Practices in Business: Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaints Management
  4. Sales and Marketing Training Programs
    • CRM
    • Branding Adventure
    • Customer Analysis and Problem Solving Techniques
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Advertising Management
    • Benchmarking: Competitive Leveraging Techniques
  5. Logistics Management Training Programs
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Material and Warehouse Management
    • Modern Purchasing, Supplier Relations and Price Analysis
  6. Vocational Training
    • Environmental and Waste Management Programs
    • Agriculture Programs
    • Training Programs for Security Guards
    • Human Resource Management Programs
    • İnformation Technologies Training Programs
    • Health Services and Hospital Management Programs
    • Public Relations, Media And Marketing Programs
    • Job Security Programs
  7. Personal Training
    • Strategic Planning
    • Crisis Management
    • Project Management
    • Management Skills development
    • Time management
    • Effective presentation techniques
    • MS Office Applications
  8. University Education
    • University Education
    • Master
    • Postgraduate
  9. Specialized Training for Doctors
  10. English Training Programmes
    • General English
    • Business English
    • Vocational English( For doctors, engineers etc.)

The idea of going to Turkey for training startled me so much at first. After the arrangements, all together we came to Turkey. First, Romoy picked us up from the airport and made us check into a hotel. The next day, Romoy took us off to school. They provided us with an interpreter who can speak both Turkish and Arabic. Thus, we did not have any language problems either in the lessons or outside. Both the training program and the school were very good. If you want to go to Turkey for training, you can trust Romoy.

Asma Algaid
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    Turkey's largest medical tourism company Romoy’s contracted physician, expert in the field of Bariatric Surgery Op. Dr. YAHYA ÖZEL, participated a tv program on health “Sizin Səhhət” at Lider TV in...