Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation

Turkey’s first organ transplant was performed in 1969 .  Since then, particularly kidney and liver transplants have been performed successfully.  An organ transplant, which is a method for improving quality of life in case of organ failure, is performed either from living donors or cadavers. In the case of organ transplants, the transplant process as well as post-transplant care is of great importance. 

Living donors are subjected to a very detailed research during an organ transplant process.  All vital functions of the donor must be intact. Likewise, people who will receive the organ should have no obstacles medically. 

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplantation is the organ transplant of a kidney into a patient whose kidneys fail to perform its functions well enough to continue his life and activities.

It is extremely difficult to live with chronic renal failure. Being dependent on the dialysis machine for 4 -5 hours, three days a week, dietary restrictions, prevention of physical activities and adverse effects of dialysis considerably reduce patients’ quality of life. 

Kidney transplant can be performed from two resources being live donor and cadaver. 

Post-transplant patients should pay attention to the following matters:

  • Regular Drug Use 
  • Paying Attention to Cleanliness
  • Taking Plenty of Fluids
  • Not Putting On Weight 
  • Treatment of comorbid conditions

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, atherosclerosis, cholesterol – lipid elevations, bone thinning and development problems in young patients should be treated.  Thus people would be healthier and have long-lasting kidney.

Liver Transplant

In liver transplantation, diseased liver of the patients with liver failure is removed by surgery and a healthy liver or part of liver is transplanted. 

Liver transplantation can be performed from a cadaver or living donor.

Following liver donation, the donor is hospitalized for 7-10 days. After being discharged, the donor has to rest at home for about 1 month. Following recovery process, the donor may go back to normal life.

Following liver transplant, patients are usually discharged within 2 weeks. These patients must be carefully monitored. After the transplant, most people can go back to their work and continue their daily lives.

Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is a procedure in which a dysfunctional heart is replaced by a healthy human heart. When a healthy person(donor) who has donated his organs dies, his organs including kidneys, liver, heart are prepared and transplanted to patients(recipients) for which a decision for organ transplant has previously been taken.

Prior to heart transplant, the patient can be kept alive using artificial heart support devices. Artificial heart support devices are high-tech devices which undertake pumping job of the heart in patients with end-stage heart failure.

Following heart transplant surgery, the patient’s tissues considerably recover within a period of 2 months, and gain strength enough to perform any physical activity. 1 year after the transplant, the patient can go back to work on a full or part time basis.

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