Balance Score Card

Development and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Applications

Over the last 30 years, leading institutions have come to see that executing strategy is more than just strategic planning. This resulted in the development of performance management in institutions. One of the groundbreaking developments in performance management is the Balance Score Card application introduced by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in 1994. Balance scorecard is widely used today as a general performance management tool. Today, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies use Balance Score Card.

The Balance Score Card (BSC) is a system in which the strategies of an institution are defined and these strategies are transformed into more concrete targets and the performance of the institution is measured within the framework of the determined targets. It is also called a scorecard or a balanced scorecard.

The Balance Score Card is an important tool for internalizing the strategies within the organization, making the targets clearer and measurable, and raising awareness of all employees of the organization.

Stages of the Balance Scorecard

  • Determining the vision, mission and corporate values and strategic goals of the institution with the management staff
  • Creating performance scorecards by assigning targets to each manager and employee according to their positions
  • Making all hospital processes instantly traceable with continuous measurements
  • Ensuring the positioning of processes in line with strategic goals
  • Staff productivity and expense analysis
  • Cost analysis

What does the Balanced Scorecard add to your business?

  • Provides positioning of systems in line with strategic targeting
  • You can evaluate the performance of all upper, intermediate and lower level employees with objective data.
  • Create performance scorecards for each unit, manager and employee
    • You can reach all performance and data with one click
    • You will have a continuous monitoring and control system; so you can intervene quickly in unproductive areas

BSC'nin Çıktıları

Finansal Perspektif

  • Gelir Artışı
  • Maliyetlerde Azalma
  • Karlılık Artışı
  • Verimlilik
  • Büyüme

Hasta Perspektifi

  • Güvenilirlik
  • Kalite
  • Hasta sadakati
  • Hasta memnuniyeti

Operasyonel Hizmetler

  • Operasyonel Hız
  • Yeni hizmetler
  • Hızlı çözüm yeteneği

Öğrenme ve Gelişme

  • Çalışan Memnuniyeti
  • Nitelikli Çalışanlar
  • Personel Verimliliği

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