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You can have both treatment and vacation in Turkey, where tens of thousands of people come as tourists every year. Enjoy your remaining time in Turkey while you regain your health...

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    We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in another country, in a foreign culture. For this reason, we accompany our patients at every stage of their treatment to make them feel that they are always “at home” and that they are never alone. With Romoy, we guarantee you a safe and stress-free medical travel.

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    Why Romoy?

    Romoy is at your side with its expert staff, experience, high standards of service quality and many more details.
    High service quality, expert doctors

    You reach more than 130 hospitals and more than 1,000 doctors with us.

    Quality service at affordable price

    You get better quality service at a more affordable price.

    24/7 Uninterrupted Service

    You benefit from our 24/7 uninterrupted service with a medical assistant who speaks the same language as you.

    Benefit From Our Free Services

    Free airport, hotel, hospital transfers, A Plus+Card services, ambulance services, travel and accommodation organizations.

    Second Opinion Request

    Few things in medicine are black and white. If one or more of the options below apply to you, getting a second opinion from a different doctor will give you a new perspective. It also offers new options for the treatment of your disease.

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      A Plus+ Card

      The Romoy A Plus+ Card is a completely free card and offers cardholders numerous advantages and opportunities that will make them privileged at every moment of their treatment in Turkey.
      • Opportunity to be treated at more than 130 hospitals in Turkey at affordable prices
      • Free medical consultation
      • Affordable accommodation organization
      • Free Medical Assistant service
      • 24/7 medical call center support
      • Free transfers between Hotel – Hospital – Airport
      • Private doctor and nurse delivery to any point in the world
      • Emergency and ambulance service


      We have compiled the most important questions from you and detailed them for you. Get detailed information about our services, processes and more

      Why should I choose Turkey for healthcare?

      • Having the best doctors and hospitals in the world
      • Opportunity to access better quality service at a more affordable price
      • Shorter waiting time compared to many countries
      • It is one of the top 3 countries accepted as a medical tourism destination in the world.
      • Easy access from anywhere in the world

      Which treatment services are provided in Turkey?

      With its experienced specialist physician staff and modern medical infrastructure, Turkey has the capacity to provide all kinds of treatment services in all branches to patients from all over the world. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of patients prefer Turkey for treatment every year.

      How is the quality of hospitals in Turkey?

      There are nearly 50 hospitals in Turkey that have JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation certificate. In addition, all hospitals in Turkey are obliged to comply with the SAS criteria. SAS criteria include very strict rules on medical treatments, patient safety, hygiene and patient care.

      How will I know which hospital and doctor to choose?

      First of all, we help you to make an evaluation with our physicians in line with your needs for your treatment, share the most appropriate hospital options and make a choice.

      How can I apply?

      From the communication channels on our website; You can apply to us 24/7 via phone, e-mail or whatsapp.

      How soon can I get a response to my application?

      We respond within 24 hours from the moment you send your medical reports.

      Do I need to have my reports translated into Turkish?

      You do not have to translate the medical reports you send us into a different language. We make translations in a way that our physicians can evaluate when necessary.

      Do I need a visa?

      Before planning your trip, you should inquire whether there is a visa requirement for your country of citizenship by Turkey. In cases where you need to obtain a visa to Turkey, visas for treatment are facilitated.

      Will I have language problems during the treatment?

      A healthcare consultant who can communicate with our patients in their own language throughout the treatment process is with them 24/7.

      Who will meet me at the airport?

      Our health consultant greets every patient who receives service from us at the airport.

      Do you have a transfer service?

      We provide free transfer service between airport-hotel-hospital for all our patients.

      Do you have a hotel reservation service?

      We assist our patients and their companions with hotel accommodation if they wish.

      How can I make the payment?

      You can pay the treatment fees in cash, by bank transfer or with your credit card.

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